Jean Marniquet was the owner of vineyards classified as “premier cru” and decided to make his own champagne at the beginning of the 1920’s and was thus the founder of this champagne house.
He had two great passions: champagne and aviation. As a genuine pioneer he flew with celebrities such as Mermoz and St Exupery, which is why you will find the pilots wings on our bottles of champagne. He stopped his flying career to work exclusively on making champagne.
In the 1960s his son Francois and his wife Therese developed the business and extended their vineyards (Mutigny 1er cru 1970 and Oger grand cru 1984).
At the start of the 1990s after completing his studies in onology, Brice, Jean’s grandson, joined the family team. He has brought his own personal touch to the process, most notably with the return of vinification (winemaking) in oak barrels.