Champagne Marniquet is a champagne of “Recoltant manipulant” (see small letters at the bottom of the champagne label), this means that our different champagnes are made exclusively from our own vineyards. All the manufacturing of the champagne is done by us. From the work in the vineyards up to the creation of different cuvees, we care as much as possible through out each stage of the process to enable you to enjoy of the best possible product.
All the different processes used to make the different types of champagne are used by us so that we can provide you with a wide range of flavours. You are bound to find one which will suit you!
The art of blending has been passed from generation to generation and gives a distinctive final flavour to our champagne.
This is why when you taste champagne Jean Marniquet we can guarantee that you will have the same taste and high quality each time you order it.